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Eco Friendly For Earth Day

It’s Earth Day this week so let’s talk eco-friendly plumbing. By making small changes to your home you can save yourself hundreds of dollars in water costs per year and do your part to conserve water.


Low-flow showerhead

By making a minor change and installing a low-flow showerhead a family of 4 could save, on average, 2900 gallons of water a year. Conventional showerheads consume 2.5 gallons of water per minute. Rain-style showerheads (also known as rainheads) are a good switch to make as the water flow covers a wider area of the shower with less water pressure.

Dual-flush toilet

These are becoming quite popular now in the US, dual-flush toilets first arrived on the scene in Australia in 1980. As the name suggests, dual-flush toilets, have two functions: less water is used to flush liquid waste and a bit more to flush solid waste. Saving on average, nearly 15,000 gallons of water per year.

Fix that drip

We talk about this a lot in our postings. Many customers think it’s such a small drip it’s not worth fixing. However, that small leak, in one faucet, can waste about 1,440 drips a day or 34 gallons a year. That’s a lot of water you’re paying for water but not using. There are 15,140 drips in one gallon. Do you have more than one faucet leaking? It could be much more than just 34 gallons a year.  Calculate the water your wasting with this cool link here.


There are many other ways to water in your home, such as taking shorter showers, lowering your water temperature, or replacing your washing machine and dishwasher with water-efficient models. Schedule a call with us if you’d like to find out more about how you can make your home eco-friendly.  (775) 851-1444